Renters insurance is a good insurance to have. It protects you and your belongings in the event that harm comes to you or the items you have in your apartment in the case of things like theft, or in instances where accidents you have caused to the apartment will be covered so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. When it comes to water damage, whether your renters insurance will cover damage to your possessions or the structure itself, well, it all depends on where the water damage came from and how it happened.

Water Damage Restoration Company In Stone Oak For Renters And Landlords

Renters insurance basically will cover your items in the apartment due to water damage if the water damage occurred in the building. This means that if the water damage comes from a backed up sewer system or from flooding or stormwater, your belongings are not covered. You would have to have flood insurance for these damages to be covered. The same applies to your landlord. For a water damage restoration company to be paid by insurance to fix the building, the water damage must have occurred in the apartment from issues like broken pipes or water lines or hoses. An example of this would be if a water pipe under a bathroom sink breaks and ruins your personal items like appliances and linens, your renters insurance would reimburse you for your appliances and linens and other personal losses.

Your landlord’s insurance would pay the water damage remediation company in Stone Oak to repair the damage to the sink, floor, walls, and other damage to the bathroom. If the damage is extensive enough that you must leave the apartment while repairs are done, your renter’s insurance may pay for temporary lodging during this time. If the damage occurred because you had a slow leak or dripping water that you failed to tell your landlord about, thus it happened over an extended period of time, renters insurance will not cover your damages, it will be your responsibility. Your landlord may even be able to charge you in this case for damage to the apartment as well, so please be sure to report any leaks and drips immediately.

Sapphire Restoration is The Stone Oak Water Damage Restoration Company To Call

If you are a renter in Stone Oak and you have sustained water damage to your personal belongings due to a sudden accident such as a burst pipe or faulty appliance, we are a water damage remediation company that can help. We can work with you and your landlord to clean up and restore your apartment and some belongings in some cases. We can work with your renters insurance as well. Give us a call at (210) 664-0770 for a free estimate or with whatever questions you may have. You can also make inquiries online here. We are ready to help you move on from water damage in Stone Oak, simply follow the link at water damage restoration near me.