An automatic sprinkler or irrigation system can be a wonderful thing, it will keep your lawns and gardens looking lush, green, and beautiful during spring and summer months without having to move hoses around all day long. You can easily set a timer so overwatering is minimized and you won’t forget and leave a sprinkler running all day. These automated irrigation systems do make things much more convenient in modern life. However, a faulty system or broken water pipes in the system can also cause major water damage to your home if not noticed or left unchecked. 

It is very important to inspect your system regularly and look out for standing water or puddles that don’t go away, these can be signs of trouble. If you do have a problem with an irrigation system and water does get into your home, you should know how to handle the situation and which water damage restoration company to call.

What To Do About Water Damage From An Irrigation System

Water damage from an irrigation system can come from a number of causes. Dirty or clogged filters between the water main and the valve box can cause water backup and leaks right at your foundation, water up against your foundation can leak right into your basement or walls if there are any cracks. 

Underground leaks from breaks or holes in the sprinkler lines can also get into your foundation and basement. Separations and blowouts of the lines or sprinkler heads can lead to oversaturation of the ground, and again, if this happens close to your home, a wet basement is a possibility. If you notice your basement has water appearing on the walls or the floors, or if you have a flood in the basement, or if there is water creeping into the walls of your home, you need to address this issue immediately. 

Water damage in a basement can lead to mold and mildew growth and structural issues, especially if there is freezing in your area. Basements are sometimes hard to get completely dry, even if you have cleaned up any standing water. Water damage in your home is best left to a professional water damage restoration company.

Who To Call About Water Damage In Your Home

If you have sustained water damage in your home from an irrigation system, or by any other means, Sapphire Restoration is the company to call. Our team of professional water damage remediation specialists are available 24 hours a day for any kind of water damage emergency. Call us right away at 210-664-0770 for a free quote or for more information. You can also reach us online and fill out our simple form here

We are a water damage restoration company that comes to your home, cleans up water, thoroughly dries your home, and then repairs damage and restores your home to its condition previous to the water damage. Call us today!