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Water damage can happen at any time and from many different sources. Sometimes it can be a catastrophic event such as flooding from intense rainfall and overflowing bodies of water like rivers or lakes. More commonly it can occur from broken water main pipes, smaller pipe failure, or even from a leaky faucet or broken washing machine hoses. Even an overflowing tub or garden hose accidentally left running can cause big problems for home and business owners. 

The safest and best way to deal with any type of water damage from any source is to contact a water damage restoration company as soon as possible after the damage is discovered. Sapphire Restoration is a reputable water damage restoration company based in San Antonio and we service the city of San Antonio and surrounding areas. 

If you have experienced water damage to your home or business, give us a call and we will send out a water damage technician in the San Antonio area free of charge. Our water damage experts can help you navigate any type of water loss from small leaks to major floods.

Categories Of Water Damage And How to Get Prompt Water Damage Restoration In San Antonio

Water damage is described and classified by categories. There are 3 categories of water damage, and these categories are defined by the contamination levels made possible by the extent of the damage and the kind of water that caused it:

  • Category 1 – damage caused by “clean water.” This is water that is not contaminated and is not dangerous to humans. Examples are water damage from leaky faucets, overflowing tubs, damaged water main supply lines, etc.
  • Category 2 – damage caused by “grey water.” This water could contain biological, chemical, or physical contamination that may possibly adversely affect humans or animals that come into contact with it. Examples of this sort of water damage are from broken sump pumps, toilet water with urine, washing machine or dishwasher malfunctions (where detergents can be involved), etc.
  • Category 3 – damage caused by unsanitary water or “black water.” This is the most serious kind of water damage, and can come from sewer damage, floodwaters from rivers, streams, or seawater, or stormwater. This water often contains harmful bacteria and microorganisms. It is imperative that this type of damage is contained and cleaned up as soon as possible as it can be very harmful to humans.

Leaving any type of water damage untreated can lead to mold growth, proliferation of dangerous bacteria, hazards from weakened drywall, flooring, and other structures, and attractions for rodents and other pests. These symptoms will not get better over time, they need to be dealt with as soon as possible. 

Calling a professional water damage restoration company immediately is essential to preserve health and structural integrity of homes and business properties. In many cases, the cost of water damage restoration is covered by insurance.

Need A San Antonio Water Damage Restoration Company To Work With Your Insurance?

Sapphire Restoration is familiar with handling water damage insurance claims. We work harmoniously with both homeowner and business insurance companies. We have all the proper documentation and billing software required to make your claim proceed smoothly and free of complications. We write our own estimates and conduct billing with the same programs that the insurance companies use, giving you a fair and accurate assessment every time.

If you are being denied coverage for a water damage loss it may be possible for us to help you get your denial reversed. Give us a call 24 hours a day if you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our insurance claim experts.

How do you know you are getting the most effective and reliable water damage restoration service? We have an impeccable water damage restoration process!

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

  1. Complete inspection of water damaged areas including photos, sketch measurement, and moisture content readings using high tech moisture detection equipment.
  2. Extract any standing water
  3. Removal of furniture from the work area and carefully document any damaged items.
  4. Removal of all non-salvageable water damaged materials such as drywall, baseboards, carpet pad etc. We drill holes beneath the baseboard line to open up the wall cavities so the structure can properly dry.
  5. Use of industry specific commercial dehumidifiers and a high volume air movers to effectively dry the structure to pre-loss moisture dry standards.
  6. After the structure is dry we treat it with an antimicrobial agent to kill any present mold spores and prevent future mold growth.

We bill directly to the insurance company, and in most cases with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

For more information about water damage or to schedule an in-home consultation please give us a call right away!

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What Our Customers Say

  • Fantastic experience! I have never worked with a company that was more responsive, professional and courteous. As someone else said, they treat your home and your budget as if it was their own home and budget. Excellent service. If you need water or mold remediation, I absolutely recommend Sapphire Restoration and will use them without hesitation if we ever suffer another leak.

    S B Avatar S B
  • Never fun to have water damage in a home. Sapphire responded to my call for help quickly and began work the next day to restore my water damaged kitchen. Work performed was second to none...other contractors commented on the well done restoration work and wanted Sapphire’s business card! Completed in a timely manner within the agreed upon budget. Strongly recommend this company for water restoration needs.

    Jeff Winney Avatar Jeff Winney
  • Great work done and responded on time to messaging and coordinating for the repair. Had a some water damage repaired on my patio and it turned out great.

    Gerald Vollbrecht Avatar Gerald Vollbrecht
  • I couldn’t have been happier with the professionalism and friendliness of this company. They showed up quickly and explained in plain english what needed to be done and why it was important to get everything completely dry and protected against mold. I was impressed that he didn’t try to up-sell, use industry jargon to try and scare me or take advantage of my situation in any way! Awesome experience!

    hpesoj 88 Avatar hpesoj 88
  • We had Sapphire Restoration clean up the water damage after a leak in an interior wall. The company was quick to respond, give a quote and begin work. The work was professionally executed and the space was cleaned up neatly. Isaiah was knowledgeable about what needed to be done and he was very respectful with our property. I highly recommend this company.

    Gina Williamson Avatar Gina Williamson

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