Most people never think twice about their washing machine. Doing the laundry is a daily chore that is done throughout the course of a lifetime, and the worst thing that usually happens is that something brightly colored gets mixed up with a load of whites and tube socks come out of the dryer with a pink hue. Or maybe a pen gets washed and leaks ink. A nuisance for sure, but usually not a big deal. But for some unlucky folks, laundry day can turn into a full blown catastrophe with water damage to floors or walls that may require water damage remediation. 

How Water Damage Can Occur And Cleanup Afterward

Washing machines are a staple in most homes with a lot of water flowing in and out of them daily, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Water supply valves and hoses run from the wall (usually) to the washing machine. These hoses can develop leaks, or the valves can break down. Water issuing from them can run down walls and onto the floor. If not discovered right away, water can soak into the drywall or subflooring, causing water damage. Water flows out of the washing machine through a drain hose. It is possible for this drain hose to become clogged, or to become unsecured, and these issues can also cause water overflow and water damage to walls and floors. 

A disconnected or broken durian pump can pour water all over the floor underneath the washing machine, and front loading washing machine door seals can wear out with water streaming onto the floor is a possibility as well. All of these can be cleaned up fairly quickly if someone is home to notice them right away. But how many of us throw a load into the washer right before we go to work, or school, or even to bed? Water running into walls and standing on floors doesn’t take much time to soak into the drywall or subfloor, and once that happens, cleanup becomes more difficult, and more likely to need remediation. 

If water is left in the walls or floors, mold and mildew can form, and floors and walls can become structurally distorted and even unsafe. If this happens in your home, your best course of action is to contact a water damage restoration service right away.

Water Damage Restoration Services 

If your washing machine has gone on the fritz and you find yourself needing water damage remediation, Sapphire Restoration is available for emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our team of professionals have access to all of the equipment and skills needed to dry out your laundry room, replace any flooring or wall water damage, and we work with insurance when possible. You can call us any time at 210-664-0770, or fill out our online contact form here

If you experience a washing machine disaster, or just water damage from a small leak over time, Sapphire Restoration can get you back to your regular laundry duties as soon as possible!